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There are seven chakras located in our bodies which control the magnetic energy flow of our spirit connecting with our physical bodies. These energetic centers are aligned to our physical body and are the source of our energy. The chakras form our energetic body, if the energetic body is not aligned with the physical body then this interrupts our body’s energy levels, as well as, emotional and physical wellbeing.
The charkas located from top to bottom of the body are as follow,

1. The Crown Charka
Location: at the top of the head
Color: White and Gold
Purpose: Connection
The Crown Chakra is the entrance of energy source for the body which helps one connect spiritually with the universal energy which constantly surrounding us. When open, aligned and flowing it creates a feeling of unity and oneness, within oneself and extended to others and the universe.

2. The Third Eye
Location: above the brows in the middle of the head
Color: Purple
Purpose: Visualization
The Third Eye Chakra is the source of creation through the mind’s eye. It gives the energy and ability to visualize ones future, dreams and goals. This is the point in which one can see beyond the boundaries of illusion into the realm of infinite possibilities. When open, aligned and flowing one can see beyond. It helps manifest ones dreams with clarity. One can receive inspiration from the spiritual realm for creativity through intuition. This chakra is also correlated to one’s psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance.

3. The Throat Chakra
Location: in the throat area
Color: Blue
Purpose: Communication
The Throat Chakra is the source of self-expression of all which is in the interior towards the exterior world. It aids in the communication of ideas, emotions, thoughts, through more than verbal communication. It creates the exterior manifestation through sound of what is being felt in the interior. This point serves as a filter and center of connection between the physical world, which is manifested through the lower chakras, to the spiritual world, which is manifested through the higher chakras. When open, aligned and flowing this chakra helps the communication with oneself and with others which causes feelings of unity, collaboration, contribution. This chakra helps release suppressed energies through freedom of expression.

4. The Heart Chakra
Location: in the center of the chest above the heart
Color: Green and Pink
Purpose: Unconditional Love
The Heart Chakra goes beyond the feeling of love, it is the source of unconditional love towards oneself and others, including nature and the universe. When open, aligned and flowing this is the center of healing of the spirit, the body and the mind. This chakra represents all of our emotions, our feelings of compassion, joy, and harmony with oneself and others and our ability to forgive ourselves and others.

5. The Central Solar
Location: in the middle of the torso in the stomach area
Color: Gold and Yellow
Purpose: Free Will
The Center Solar plexus is the center of transformation of all our self, our desires physical and spiritual. When open, aligned and flowing one has the access to the power of manifestation with the energy our free will. One can find self-realization in what our purpose is. With this comes feelings of confidence, peace and respect towards oneself and others. Our intention towards the universe is manifested through this energy point.
freedom of expression.

6. The Sacral Chakra
Location: under the navel
Color: Orange
Purpose: Vital Energy Center
The Sacral Chakra is the energetic manifestation of our ability to digest the experiences life gives us. This is the source of our own vital energy. When open, aligned and flowing one has the capacity to have self-control in our life, which gives us stability and self-empowerment. The energy of this chakra aids the healing of the physical organs of digestion, as this chakra helps the transformation of food energy to life energy.

7. The Root Chakra
Location: in the genitals in the front of the body and at the base of the spine in the coccyx
Color: Red and Black
Purpose: Grounding
The Root Chakra is the connection of our spiritual bodies to the physical Earth. This is the source of our sexuality. When open, aligned and flowing there is a sense of grounding in which one connects energetically to the magnetic energy of the Earth. When one can freely express oneself sexually there comes feelings of union and passion. One can energize through their sexuality or through connecting with the Earth.

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