I was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States at the age of ten.
I have been an artist since the age of three, I began with multi-media art, painting, drawing, and sculpture.

At Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York I unfolded as an Inspirationally Driven Artist and Designer. Further graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.

I studied the individual human form ergonomically adapting and synchronizing to it’s environment as the environment also adapts and synchronizes to the human. Which moved me into understanding the energetic cycles of our vibrational universe and how we are connected to it. As it feeds us we feed it, through our mind, body and soul. This communication between our interior self and our exterior environment affects us as we move through each relative space throughout time. I studied concepts of Interior Architecture, Environmental Theory, Design, Astronomy, and Psychology of Color, Form, and Light. Further studies I developed through design and art: metaphysics, phenomenology, yoga, meditation, Reiki, chromatic chakra healing, sound healing. This lead me to my thesis Gamma Wave Stimulation Stations in which I designed a space to help Brain wave stimulation and synchronization  through the manipulation of color, lights, sounds, forms in space and even smells in an advertisement company.

I now focus on bringing all this knowledge into designing your home. Through colors, lighting, materials, textures, forms in space I will help you create a sanctuary for your everyday life.