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Each mandala art piece is designed to harmonize the individuals and the energetic environment of the space in which the piece is placed. The art has been thoroughly prepared, Each piece is hand painted by the artist, then photographed in sunlight and enhanced digitally. The art is designed with the purest intention to aid the balance of the individuals in the designed space.
Each piece is an artistic representation of balance, harmony, and the purest intention unconditional love.

The pieces are meditative in nature, they distract the rational mind for the creative mind to flourish.
The soul is connected, the body is balanced, and the mind creates the harmony between the two.



The mandala is a 2-dimensional representation of our 3-D universe. It is a spiritual symbol representing our relativity with the universe. The basic form of mandalas, which were originated in Tibetan temples and have been found in different variations in many religious cultures. In common they are usually a square with four gates containing within it a circle with a centrifugal focus point. Mandalas represent radial balance, harmony and connection of the individual point with all which surrounds them. They are used to aid meditation and self-reflection through the use of: geometries inspired by nature, colors, patterns and artistic perspective illusions. 

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